Beard Trends Fading Out and New Beard Trends to Watch

Beard Trends Fading Out and New Beard Trends to Watch

Beard styles have been evolving over the years, influenced by cultural shifts, fashion trends, and personal preferences. While some beard trends are fading out, new ones are emerging, offering fresh and exciting ways to express personal style. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the beard trends that are losing their appeal and highlight the new trends to watch in 2024. Plus, we'll provide tips on how to achieve these looks with top grooming products from Grizzly Grooming Co..

Fading Beard Trends

1. The Hipster Beard

The hipster beard, characterized by its long, full, and often unruly appearance, has been a dominant trend for the past decade. However, its popularity is starting to wane as more men seek cleaner and more manageable styles. The hipster beard often requires significant maintenance to prevent it from looking unkempt, which is why many are moving away from this trend.

To transition from a hipster beard to a more contemporary style, consider trimming and shaping your beard regularly. Our Gold Standard Beard Balm helps to shape and hold your beard in place, giving it a polished appearance.

2. The Lumberjack Beard

Similar to the hipster beard, the lumberjack beard is known for its rugged and thick look. While it projects a strong, masculine image, it can also appear too bulky and overwhelming for some face shapes. This trend is fading as men opt for styles that complement their facial features rather than overpower them.

Maintaining a well-groomed beard is essential. Use our Gold Standard Beard Wash to keep your beard clean and our Gold Standard Beard Conditioner to keep it soft and manageable.

3. The Full Beard with No Trim

A full beard that is left to grow without any trimming can quickly become unruly and unkempt. This trend is fading as men realize the importance of regular grooming and maintenance to achieve a neat and stylish appearance.

Regular trims are crucial to maintain a well-groomed beard. Our Gold Standard Beard Oil provides the hydration and nourishment needed to keep your beard healthy and shiny.

4. The Beardstache

The beardstache, a style that combines a full mustache with a shorter beard, was popular for its unique and edgy look. However, this trend is becoming less favored as men move towards more balanced and cohesive styles.

To transition away from the beardstache, consider growing out your beard to match the length of your mustache or trimming your mustache to match the beard length. Our Gold Standard Mustache Wax helps to keep your mustache neat and styled.

5. The Patchy Beard

While some men embraced their patchy beards as a natural and authentic look, this trend is fading as more people seek fuller and more even beard styles. Patchy beards can be challenging to maintain and often require additional grooming to look intentional rather than neglected.

To achieve a fuller beard, consider using our Gold Standard Beard Support Supplements, which are designed to promote healthy beard growth.

New Beard Trends to Watch

1. The Short Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard is gaining popularity for its clean, neat, and versatile look. This style is characterized by a well-defined shape with hair kept short on the cheeks and slightly longer on the chin. It’s a professional and stylish option that suits various face shapes.

To achieve this look, regular trimming and shaping are essential. Use our Gold Standard Beard Balm to maintain the shape and our Gold Standard Beard Oil for hydration and shine.

2. The Stubble

Stubble is making a strong comeback as a popular beard trend. It’s easy to maintain, suits most face shapes, and provides a rugged yet polished look. Whether you prefer light or heavy stubble, this style is both versatile and appealing.

To maintain your stubble, use a trimmer to keep the length consistent and use our Gold Standard Beard Wash to keep your facial hair clean and healthy.

3. The Verdi

The Verdi is an elegant and sophisticated beard style that combines a full beard with a well-groomed mustache. The beard is kept short and rounded, while the mustache is styled with wax for a refined appearance. This trend is perfect for those looking to make a bold yet stylish statement.

Our Gold Standard Mustache Wax is ideal for styling the mustache, and our Gold Standard Beard Balm helps to shape and hold the beard.

4. The Faded Beard

The faded beard is a modern and stylish trend that involves blending the beard into the sideburns and hairline for a seamless look. This style requires precise trimming and shaping but offers a sleek and polished appearance that complements various hairstyles.

Regular grooming and shaping are crucial for this look. Use our Gold Standard Beard Oil to keep your beard hydrated and our Gold Standard Beard Wash to maintain cleanliness.

5. The Garibaldi

The Garibaldi is a fuller and more natural beard style that is kept slightly rounded at the bottom. It’s a less polished look than the Verdi but still requires regular grooming to maintain its shape. This trend is perfect for those who want a fuller beard without the need for constant trimming.

Our Gold Standard Beard Balm helps to maintain the shape of your Garibaldi beard, while our Gold Standard Beard Oil ensures it stays healthy and shiny.

6. The Bold and Artistic

As more men use their beards as a form of self-expression, we’re seeing an increase in bold and artistic beard styles. This includes intricate designs, unique shapes, and colored beards. These trends are for those who are not afraid to stand out and make a statement with their facial hair.

To achieve and maintain these bold looks, you need high-quality products. Our Gold Standard Beard Wash keeps your beard clean, while our Gold Standard Beard Oil and Gold Standard Beard Balm help maintain the health and style of your beard.


Beard trends are constantly evolving, and it’s exciting to see new styles emerge while others fade away. Whether you’re transitioning away from a fading trend or looking to embrace a new one, it’s important to choose a style that complements your face shape and personal preferences. At Grizzly Grooming Co., we offer a range of premium products to help you achieve and maintain your ideal beard style. Explore our collection, including the Gold Standard Beard Wash, Gold Standard Beard Oil, and Gold Standard Beard Balm, and stay ahead of the grooming game.

Remember, the best beard style is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Experiment with different trends, find what works best for you, and embrace your unique look. Happy grooming!

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